That holiday edition

Was tapped again by Grid Magazine to do a holiday cover for their December 2018 edition. I was asked for a type-driven cover and I enjoy type plus decorative items, so it was pretty enjoyable to come up with several different takes on a festive cover. I really enjoyed the process of this one and would have gladly done any of the sketches I gave at the outset. At the bottom you’ll find my submitted sketches as well.


It was natural...

So, a cover is always a bit of an ego boost! Check out Grid Magazine’s October 2018 edition which features my art on the cover as well as on pages 18-20! The turnaround time was a real tight squeeze and I used every moment that a baby wasn’t tugging on my pant leg to get these ones done. I was reasonably satisfied with the cover and spot illustrations when it went I hit send, but seeing it with the typesetting really had me pretty pleased. :)


Jinxed Heart Show

The ‘forest series’ on this site is really just a series of metaphors. I always kind of feel like the water cutting away at the earth and rocks … quietly, endlessly, without characters, is the way my interior thoughts and deeply held beliefs would look like if you could see it as a landscape. So I took this idea and used it to created an acrylic piece for this year’s Jinxed heart show.



My son is OBSESSED with sharks.  No, obsession is a mild way to put it.  From the first words out of his mouth in the morning, to his conversational choices at night, you can bet it will involve sharks.  His almost 4 year old self can name a wide variety of sharks by sight - often better than I can - and relishes a new shark book (which I now ravenously collect) for bedtime and anytime reading. 

His two rivaling favorite sharks are the Great White Shark (of course) and the Whale Shark.  So I had to re-paint the walls in his room which previously featured a pond scene complete with frogs, lilypads, lotuses and fish to accommodate his new preferred subject.

These murals were done with eggshell finish interior house paint with acrylic paint mixed in for the smaller detail work.  The small boy heartily approved!

Sacred Nature

I recently took on a series of projects - the design and illustration of 4 of LILIPOH Magazine's covers over the coming months.  For this first one, the Fall 2016 edition, the editor sent me the issue's article titles as inspiration for the cover and gave me the freedom to choose which direction to take it in.  Fall is my favorite season, and I feel strongly that magazine covers should be quick-read images that are colorful or bold in some way.  To illustrate the spiritual and structural message of "Sacred Nature, Sacred Structure", I wanted to make sure that the image showed both the intricate veins of the leaves (physical), and the subtle 'aura' or peacefulness of the tree (spiritual).    

I'm happy with this final moody & atmospheric seasonal image!

Forest Series

I've been doing these ink on watercolor paper forest images lately. They're not revolutionary or anything, mostly therapeutic exercises that temporarily block out the slurry of crazy that is the human condition.  I've created a gallery for them here.