Sunday Best

Last weekend while I was in Brooklyn I saw this gentleman strolling down the sidewalk towards us. Not only did I love his fashion sense- the shocking chinese red accents set with that purest of pink shirt and tie - but his comfortable swagger was striking too. I think he was just coming from church, or maybe he just decided to dress up for that sunny, mild day in October. Either way, the dude stuck in my mind.
Heather, my buddy and I had just finished a really nice brunch. I had an omelette with proschutto and goat's cheese in it, with killer toast and a yummy salad. Heather had the most amazing strawberry butter ever, among other things.

Later that day I had the smoothest transition out of NYC ever (a ritual of my Sunday afternoons). I have to catch 2 subways to get back in to Manhattan, and this particular time it was as though the subway karma was sweeping me along in one of it's many folds! I hopped off one, just to be absorbed right onto the next - and my meeting with the bus was just as effortless! It was as though everyone was waiting for me to make my next move. And effortless is not a word I would normally use to describe this particular commute!