black, black and more black

Yesterday I took my winter clothes out of storage. I emptied the box that contained all my sweaters and layering components, and stuffed it with the shirts, dresses and skirts I wore this past summer. As I went through the pile, folding, organizing and stashing in drawers I became rather depressed. Could I really have worn THIS MUCH black last winter and in the years before it? There was an overwhelming pile of colorless, drab, awful blackness before me, reminding me that last winter I weighed 17 pounds more than at present. I must have looked like I was attending a funeral every day - and I'm not even goth!!

Its hard to believe how one changes over the course of a year. Now, I feel awful when I wear it, though the wide world of women's retail seems to produce black garments in mass. I will have to figure out how to slough off that looming black hole in the dresser and replace what I can with some shades lighter - more patterns, I say....even white after labor day.