St. Eustatius

For the past several days, Jason and I have been lounging around on this east caribbean island...soaking up the rays, and generally enjoying the change of scenery. The main only town, Orangestad, has many small multi-colored houses - bright cheerful yellow paired with red fencing, sea-foam green walls, persimmon porches, birds egg blue verandas...I really enjoy the caribbean color sensibility. There are lots of very proud and blustery looking roosters roaming around, pecking to their hearts content and quite a few families of goats that meander through town and around the island brush. They all seem like very content animals.At night sometimes the wind brings clouds in over the Quill (which is the dormant volcano to the left of the picture) and preceeded by wind the island gets quick bursts of heavy tropical rain that are there and then gone! In the early morning, I can look out over Orangestad with its sleepy blanket of fog, but by 9 or 10 its clear and hot.Tomorrow morning we will climb to the top of the Quill before it gets too warm.