What's that thing called...the crazy little hallway that the plane pulls up to and allows you to get on without having to experience the outdoors? The raised accordian pipe that injects humans into a waiting fueled-up aeroplane? Well, anyway, whatever that thing is called, I saw this image in. Right before stepping onto a plane bound back to Philadelphia I saw that the control console that allows an airport employee to correctly align the plane to the hallway was there for me to marvel at.  It had a self help book purched on top next to the window "The Courage To Change", and those two things seen together set off something in my brain that made me smile. It was a nice juxtaposition - that one could feel out of control...while being in control...maybe not knowing you're in control...of your life or your accordian-style hallway.  It made me think about how blind a lot of us are of the presence of our own power.