the beach we found with Google Earth

So my other half was in line the day the iphone came out to get his hands on one ASAP, and I had my doubts about its worth. The thing's won me over a number of times since, but this particular instance illustrates *just* how useful it was to us one day in Puerto Rico.We had been using it frequently to search the web for translations while on the road in the middle-of-nowhere and to find hotels in the general vicinity we were headed and so on. One day we stopped at a nature preserve and walked up towards the cliffs of Rojo Cabo to see the old lighthouse up there. The spit of land was hilly enough that you wouldn't be able to see what was on the other side. We were both kind of hot (it was really muggy), and were wondering whether we should just push on down the road when Jason pulled out the iphone, deciding to google earth our location. Once we saw the picturesque moon-shaped bay on the other side of the hill we were standing on, we had no choice but to exploit the swimming possibilities.Now, had we not been able to access a sattelite image just then....we would never have known..... I felt so modern.