Bjork live at Madison Square Gardens

Saw her last night in concert! Its something I've wanted to do for a long time, and it was not dissapointing. She had 2 opening bands which seemed mediocre at best (mostly because their sound quality was lacking), but when her icelandic brass section came on and she and skipped barefoot onto the stage wearing a poofy gold dress, I have to admit I got chills. She spent the whole set frolicking around the stage and throwing her hair this way and that. The gold dress made her look like a tin foil star on top of a christmas tree, and the photos I got of her seem to further characterize her as a pixy who's image is difficult to capture on film. What was pretty amazing was how much energy she put forth, and how even though she was running around the stage her voice did not sound winded - instead when she belted it was that clear bell-like tone I know so well from her albums. Not much synthesizing there.

The last few songs were purely electric, as the green lazers darted around the room, Bjork herself bathed in fuscha light. They let go big clouds of confetti which, when intersected with the lazers, looked like shimmering schools of fish. She really got her audience into it and ended her set with the very punk-inspired Declare Independence, in which she chants 'make your own flag!' 'Now raise your flag!' On her latest album, it isn't one of my favorite songs - but seeing it performed live changed my mind about it.

On our way home Heather and I discussed how much fun it was to see an artist who's music is truly about the joy of making music, since now most women in the music scene are purely used as sex symbols - singing about and promoting the barbi doll lifestyle. Bjork could care less about appearing sexy, instead preferring to exhude strength, joy, effortless enthusiasm and fun.
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