In the Adulthood Now

So last week I joined the legions of Americans who have debt.  Up until this point I have floated above the fray... Now I have a loan to pay off after buying a much needed car upgrade, the 2005 Scion XB.  Its like driving a toaster, but way more fun than you'd think driving a toaster would be!  I'm not scared to have some temporary debt... My credit report will finally be more than an anorexic ghost.  And its nice to have a new set of wheels.  I find that people either adore the way these things look, or they abhor them.  Ador/Abhor.  I suppose I kind of liked the way they looked, but after I test drove one I really like it.  Driving an XB is like having the panoramic kingdom of suburban Philadelphia stretched out before me, what with the generous windsheild.  And its nice to be back to driving a stick shift again.  According to the car dealer guy, I'm one of a dying breed.  Maybe I could have my illustrations plastered onto the side of it....  Hmm...the wheels are turning.