IF: Wrinkles

This week's Illustration Friday word is "wrinkles", and it happens to fit:

I dreamt of a school after college and past graduate school that I was attending.  The purpose of this school was not to become talented or proficient in a sought after artistic style.  The focus of the school was to become more child-like!  My final thesis was a large piece of wrinkled paper tacked up haphazardly to a wall in a large gymnasium.  On the paper I had drawn swoops of birds egg blue lines with crayons and had placed strings of red yarn strewn from the tacks.  It was my grand culmination after semesters of working....to be free and un-restricted.

I know it is ironic that I chose to represent the child-like thesis through this realistic painting style.  In general I think it is hard for artists to continue to move forward with one's work when you've got something that's safe and tried and true.  Its a bit of a message for me to be more adventurous.  Clearly I've got some ways to go still!