24 hrs. of travel

Last Monday evening we took off from the United States and flew to the other side of the globe!  We stopped briefly in Alaska (to refuel, I guess) before resuming the gruelingly long flight to Thailand.  We stopped early in the morning in Taipei, Taiwan to change planes...and I was amused to discover that a few of the boarding gates were decked out in a Hello Kitty motif!

We arrived in Thailand's newly minted airport at around 11:30 AM on Wednesday.  We wisked through immigration and picked up our bags on the carousel and went to meet my father and stepmother at the arrivals hall. About 10 minutes into the drive by minivan to their neighborhood, the van suddenly lost momentum and began making a very strange noise.  Then the driver nervously imparted that there were no longer any breaks, and finally the minivan wheezed to an abrupt stop in the middle of four lanes of crazy Bangkok highway traffic!  A van hit us from behind, though not very hard...and then there we were, marooned like a traffic island with two lanes of cars squeezing past on either side of us.

After a call to the tow company, we hailed a passing cab which pulled in front of the steaming minivan to let us in, and we were again on our way. 

That afternoon I had a 2 hour massage which cost all of $9 US, and we were very very very tired trying to stay up until at least 8:30 PM so as to avoid jet lag.