Beach Wedding

We attended a beach wedding last Thursday for a friend of the family who's name is also Kirsten.  Her parents, like mine, were teachers in the Congo in the 80's.  How opportune it was that we just happened to be in Thailand for the occasion! 

The ceremony took place in the afternoon in a grove of palm trees next to the beach.  It had been raining all afternoon...then stopped...then started raining again as soon as everyone thought it was safe to start the ceremony!  We all huddled under umbrellas as they exchanged vows.

We broke for a few hours of relaxing while the beach tables, chairs and large pots of orchids and palm fronds were set out for the evening reception.  Luckily by then all the rain had stopped and the dusk temperature was perfect.  We all toasted with Kir Royales and ate chicken satay with peanut sauce and other tasty Thai dishes.  The whole scene was lit with tiki torches and the green glow of squidding boats anchored close to shore.

After the meal we all began lighting special paper lanterns used in Thai celebrations (particularly Loy Kratong which takes place in November) and let them float up into the atmosphere over the ocean.  We lit so many, they eventually looked like a constellation of stars sitting high in the sky.  It was a really cool wedding.