Myanmar calling

I found myself recently inspired by the American, John Yettaw, who compelled by a vision entered Myanmar, clambered through a sewer and swam across a lake to the home of one of Myanmar's political prisoners, Aung San Suu Kyi.  Read a recap of the story and Yettaw's reasons for doing so here.

Many people around the world think Mr. Yettaw is crazy.  I think this person is profoundly sane.

Do you know what's crazy?  Wasting life by ecruing debt, fat and an ever-insulating web of life-denying activities.  Most of us spend our time actively denying our intuition.  The man went not once, but twice to Suu Kyi's home, never stopping in his unexplainable quest to make a vision into reality.  Taking risks many of us would not for ourselves, let alone another human being we have never met.

His actions were met with bemusement and laughable lamentation by the news media who could not make heads or tails of such an action.  It did not arise, after all, from the normal catalysts of greed, fear, need for power or money.  And so the concept remains a mystery to them.  Internationally it's been condemned as a regrettable act, something that's caused more harm than good - but here we are now acutely reminded of Suu Kyi's house arrest and baseless imprisonment by the reigning military Junta in Myanmar.  

Yettaw effectively brought the spotlight of the world with him to her doorstep.