This Week's City Paper

This week's Philadelphia City Paper has my work plastered all over it!  They wanted an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme, so I went with it and played up the cartoonish colors and voluminous warmth in the cover's late summer feel.  They also had me do an interior full page illo to compliment the cover, which uses elements of fall to contrast with the outside image. 

This one is the sketch phase of the cover.  I changed the direction of Mr. Rabbit, because it seemed more natural.  The art directors felt that Alice should be tipping in and 'falling' more, so I tried to capture that in the finish.  I hadn't quite figure out yet at that point how to make the Fall Arts Guide logo look like the sun in the final, but I think it resolved just fine in the finish.


This is the finished interior full page illustration.  And sketch below:

This is probably the closest I've ever followed a sketch to finish!  There was no wrong way to do this illustration since everything in it is so fanciful.  I was also encouraged to use really bright colors... so I played them up to as loud as I could bear!  Generally I gravitate towards muted tones - dirty halftones, pastel hues, etc., but I think the pure bright colors work for this piece.

All in all, I'm happy with the outcomes.