Living on Water

On April 30th I handed over my keys to my land dwelling and traded up for a home that can be motored or sailed anywhere!  It's true - the boat we now call home is triple A Lloyd's of London rated - meaning it's classified as a solid seagoing vessel.  Should we ever reach the experience necessary for such a voyage, all my clothes, pots and pans, random odds and ends and beloved duvet cover could come with me without so much as an x-ray (see: Annoying Air Travel).  

Things I have had to get used to since moving onto a boat: 1) Weird new noises, like the sound of the ropes stretching and creaking at all hours of the night if it's windy or a little choppy, the water pump doing it's thing, rain on the decks above, and other creaks and groans that wake me up in the middle of the night.  2) Smaller sleeping quarters  3) Weird showers  4) An oven on gimbals, which I find endlessly amusing  5) A lack of plants : (  6) A lot of established adults asking many, many questions about what we're doing living on a boat, whether this is our first one, how much experience we have and so on.  Plus a few who assume we're the kids of whoever owns the thing and 7) a lack of refrigeration (hasn't gone in yet) - but surprisingly easy to get around when you're only buying food for meals every few days.

Learning how to maneuver our new home has been exhilarating, harrowing, curious, gut-wrenching and a completely uncharted experience for me. I have to say, I'd probably never ever do this on my own were it not for Jason - my fearless and very versatile other half.  His optimism and faith in the universe is unwavering.