Kitty Took a Swim

Every morning Jason and I throw the cat out on deck with her radio collar on (so that she can get a little ways down the dock, but not so far that she wanders away).   This seems to have vastly improved her quality of life, since she has become much less neurotic and generally a happier kitty since we moved onto the boat.

On this particular morning, Anya had been outside for maybe an hour and I was downstairs reading 'Liveaboard Magazine' while Jason caught up on his email.  All of a sudden we both heard a strange series of noises coming from outside.  It sounded like scrabbling and some sort of furious motion followed by an understated sploosh which I later understood to be the sound of Anya hitting the water.

We both went out to investigate, but didn't put together that it could be the cat until Jason peered over the edge of the boat furthest from the dock to find Anya swimming along the edge, making the most sorrowful meows.  She must have tried to jump back onto the boat from the dock and missed, causing her first contact with 'the shiny dirt'.  What seems the most surprising to me is that she swam counterclockwise all the way around the forepeak and then down the length of the 57 foot boat to the stern where Jason called her to swim.  She swam over next to the dock and as Jason noted, she stretched her arms and legs out stiff so that he could easily pick her out of the water.  

She looked a little perturbed, but perhaps more embarrassed than anything.

Since then on hot days we've actually given her a bath on purpose, since she seems to find it minimally annoying (no scratching or clawing) and looks much more comfortable afterwards.  I'm sure wearing a fur coat in 90+ degree heat would be uncomfortable.