Screenprint shop

Last month I took a short screenprinting refresher/intensive with local Philadelphia artist/sculptor Candy Depew!  It was fantastic getting to see her cozy studio, decked out in patterns of all sorts in the most playful ways.  

She helped me create the screen for my NOEM Hubbard showpiece, and introduced me to some new mediums for creating cool sceenprinted images.  For example, drawing with china marker straight onto clear vellum transfers quite nicely and makes for a great feel to the prints.  She showed me some tricks on printing on t-shirts and gave some good advice about setup.

A closeup of Candy's padded print table

All in all I came away pretty inspired to get more of my own screenprints made...

T-shirts I made.  Nature man on the right is 3 color.

Variety studies with watercolor and different colored papers... so fun!  I love multiples.