Spring cleansing

Lilipoh Magazine's spring issue just came out, so I can finally share what I finished for them back in February...

I have to say, I was a little taken aback by the article topic - Food. I mean, we all need it, why try to go without it?  It focused on our collective dependence on food and consumption in general, spoke about old stories of devouring, of famine and feast and the writer's personal denial of food for herself as a way to remove herself from that earthly need.  She asked if she could live on air.  What struck me most about this article was how she described the different holes that food fills for people.  They could be dependent on it, repulsed by it or obsessed with the perfection of any food they put in their mouths, her point is that most of us live out some sort of neurosis through our food.  I fall into the comfort camp of food-eaters - not overly picky but nonetheless hooked.  I've know this for years, but the article put that into stark contrast for me.

So in this final illustration I thought of the polar opposite potential inside of each person - the dependent slave versus the enlightened self, liberated from one's neurosis. 

This spring I've been trying to flip my own dependence card upside down.  No, I don't want to be a bony monk with defined ribs and sunken cheeks - that's a bit overzealous.  But since I've put myself on 'restriction', a one-bowl policy for meals, a serious cap on sugar and more vegetables in my food I can see the appeal of learning to live with less.