local organic produce campaign!


This poster and theme is the latest marketing campaign I've been working on for Kimberton Whole Foods.  They asked me to design a poster and supporting banners, postcards and web-headers that spoke to the beginning of the local organic produce season that would be unique and eye catching.  I came up with the slogan, got it approved and started sketching ideas based on it.  Unfortunately my first SEVERAL ideas were all busts, reminding me of old 'save the earth' poster art I remember seeing circa 1990 or so.  They were just too complicated!  So I started over with a plan to make the image as simpe as possible while still communicating the message on first glance.

These 18x25 posters are going to be sold through Kimberton Whole Foods and Grid Magazine's online store later this month to benefit the Pennsylvaina Association of Sustainable Agriculture's Brownback Scholarship fund.  The fund allows young or new organic farmers to attend their yearly Farming for the Future conference and classes free of charge.  I hope it raises lots of funds for the charity! And who knows, maybe I'll get a little good karma in return.