25th birthday

Its Kimberton Whole Foods 25th anniversary and as such I designed a celebratory poster, banners, in-store signage and online pieces to make this campaign obvious to anyone who came in contact with Kimberton Whole Foods.  The imagery was splashed across print ads and purchased banners online, and hopefully its distinctive enough to make people notice that it's not just another hollow clipart-populated marketing campaign!  

I think originally produced campaigns go a long way with people, since clipart seems to have a distinct distancing effect.  At least in my eyes, you look at an ad campaign and you can tell that the marketing department just half-heartedly chose photos from an image house, paid the $100 - 500 and moved on.  And it shows.  Upon first glance you can usually tell its a lazy effort, plus customers know this photo was probably taken somewhere faraway for a different purpose altogether.  Too clean, too generic, too distant - and definitely not worth the savings that using stock imagery can offer.  In other words HIRE AN ILLUSTRATOR! ;)