Double Booked!

I'll be dropping off work to two different group shows this week, and both will opening next Friday night, January 27th.  Come out to both, they're on the same street!  I'll be going between 2020 South Street and 6th and South for the show receptions, so you may see me at either one.... or at each one simultaneously?

First we have Paradigm Gallery featuring Uarts alumni interpretations of confidence in "Confidence Is Not a Four Letter Word".  Lots of interesting solutions to be poured over with many mediums represented. Reception begins at 6 and continues on until 10 PM.

Then drop by Phantom Hand at 604 South Street for "Artificial Dissemination: Propaganda to Popoganda" featuring screen-printed designs from a rag-tag army of Philly's finest cartoonists, artists and all around creative types.  Reception from 6 - 10 PM as well.

See you there!