Summer sailing 2011

I just realized I didn't post any images of sailing from last summer (2011)!  While we did less sailing overall than in 2010, it was mainly due to a very busy summer that didn't even afford more than a week off for either of us.  Sigh!  We did, however, manage to take my father and stepmother out for a day sail in July when they visited from Bangkok, Thailand.  My father's photos of the outing (below) show his mastery of storytelling with photography, and his fantastic fish-eye lens managed to do the best justice to the scale of our boat I've seen thus far!  To see more of his photos, visit Dr. Jeff Harper's photo blog.

Going under one of the many bridges we pass in order to get to the Chesapeake side.  It always kinda feels like we won't clear it, but of course we do.


At the helm... It feels so great when the boat has picked up some good steady wind and is moving along at a comfortable tack.  It's a sailor's life for me.


Heading southwest towards more open waters...


When these photos were taken we'd just gotten finished scrubbing the decks (or swabbing, if you prefer).  Teak wood takes on a silvery hue with a few days of exposure to the elements, but if you take a scrub brush and some natural cleaner to it, you can reveal its lovely golden hue.  The effect is short lived, however.  Teak is used on sailboats since nothing eats it and it stands up well to the harsh ocean environments.


A full jib is what we like to see.


Our marine GPS is my favorite instrument on the boat.  Full of info, and helps us avoid rocks.