Back from Winter Hibernation

These past several months I've been off the radar since my son was born in December.  After getting used to motherhood and battling a severe case of cabin fever through January & February, it's pretty nice to get back to drawing & to creativity in general.

I got called up at the end of last month to create a piece for Grid Magazine's May edtion. Fittingly, it's about passing local heirloom seeds down to continue living and propigating in this season's gardens.  As I sit and look at my seedlings on the kitchen table unfurling their leaves, and my 4 month old baby figuring out new tricks and outgrowing his first round of baby clothes, growth is a fitting theme for me these days.  

I got the idea to create an illustration in the style of old Pennsylvania Dutch folk art since the heirloom seeds mentioned will be grown this year at Kutztown University as a fully operational 1860's Pennsylvania Dutch kitchen garden.  Also, I enjoy the bold colors and decorative flat pattern-like quality of PA dutch art.  

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