Love conquers all

Here's an illustration I did for LILIPOH magazine's Spring 2014 issue.  The article was about the power of love/gratitude and its ability to change the world (if only we would let them, I suppose).  You can read the whole article here.  I enjoyed the somewhat abstract elements of creating this piece, and the light effervescent pink against a dark lead-like grey is one of my favorite color contrasts.  


These particular points from the article really resonated with me:

Four ways to cultivate your sacred harmonic heart, and share the “power of the positives”:

1.) Express genuine gratitude from your core! The vibration emitted by heart-felt gratitude promotes resonance, which, in turn, supports coherence. New and positive brain patterns subsequently develop, which our brains seek to match, thus reinforcing additional positive brain patterns to emerge, therefore “increasing the probability of having an optimistic outlook and maintaining emotional stability, even during challenging situations” (McCraty and Childre 2002).

2.) Intentionally cultivate love and compassion! Igniting these emotions within your heart center allows them to spark and spread, thus providing “improved cognitive performance, increased emotional stability, enhanced psychosocial functioning, increased peace [and] self-security, and sustained positive emotions” (McCraty and Childre 2002).

3.) Be wholly present! Do not let daily burdens take you away from the moment-to-moment brilliance that IS your blessed life. With each step, notice your complete, unique, and wonderfully profound self, and fill each second with your sacred breath and personal energy.

4.) Know that the voice of your heart echoes through the universe! What does your heart say, and how does it say it? Be ever mindful of the intentions that you channel through your heart, as their waves are conveyed far and wide. To make our world a more loving, peaceful, and verdant place, this transformation must first resound from deep inside your core. Nurture your own heart, and you will create a bright pathway of love which nourishes the hearts of others.