A Week in Denmark

Fresh off our fabulous week in Scotland we hopped over the North Sea to Copenhagen where we met my aunt and cousin at the airport.

Copenhagen is a bicyclist's utopia.  And we had the luck of showing up during a perfect Danish summer - sunny, no humidity and 70 degree weather.

After the first day in Copenhagen strolling through Tivoli and taking in an outdoor jazz concert, we drove to Fyn where my aunt and uncle on my mother's side have a country farmhouse overlooking the ocean.

The last time we were in Denmark was over Christmas of 2010.  The farm here (called Solbjergaard) is beautiful in the wintertime, but it's no match for this gorgeous summer atmosphere.


In the back yard there is a huge old cherry tree just loaded down with ripe cherries.  We all spent lots of time hanging out underneath it, picking darkest, shiniest cherries we could find.  Torin got to have the epiphany that food comes from trees... in nature.... not out of a container or the refrigerator.  It was cool to see the concept hit home for him!

The sea of wheat fields and pastures around the farm were pretty peaceful and idyllic.  And we were fed delicious food 4, sometimes 5 times a day.

A proper Danish cheese plate.  The Sriracha is something we brought (not typically on a Danish condiment list!)

Boiling down cherries for homemade ice cream.  Several other varieties were made also...

And butter (smør), we ate pounds and pounds of it.

...Ready for the oven.

A delicious paella.

Freshly baked every day...

One day we all packed up and went for a day trip by ferry to a tiny island called Brandsø.  It has dirt roads and no stoplights.  There, we spent a day having afternoon tea, napping in the shade and enjoying a gorgeous summer afternoon at the beach.


Inside Nicholas' father's painting studio

Back at the farm we enjoyed a nice outdoor bonfire where we roasted sausages and dough over the coals.

Much fun was had by all.