Sacred Nature

I recently took on a series of projects - the design and illustration of 4 of LILIPOH Magazine's covers over the coming months.  For this first one, the Fall 2016 edition, the editor sent me the issue's article titles as inspiration for the cover and gave me the freedom to choose which direction to take it in.  Fall is my favorite season, and I feel strongly that magazine covers should be quick-read images that are colorful or bold in some way.  To illustrate the spiritual and structural message of "Sacred Nature, Sacred Structure", I wanted to make sure that the image showed both the intricate veins of the leaves (physical), and the subtle 'aura' or peacefulness of the tree (spiritual).    

I'm happy with this final moody & atmospheric seasonal image!

Forest Series

I've been doing these ink on watercolor paper forest images lately. They're not revolutionary or anything, mostly therapeutic exercises that temporarily block out the slurry of crazy that is the human condition.  I've created a gallery for them here.

Mixed feelings

I always have mixed feelings about fall.  On the one hand, I love to put on my favorite jacket and marvel at the electric oranges and reds that leaves morph into.  On the other hand, I know it's just a few short weeks away from full on winter....which stretches on for ever and ever.  Dark afternoons, dark mornings, dark emotions.

This piece was done using india ink on watercolor paper.  I'm experimenting more with brushes instead of pens and I'm liking the effects of these Windsor Newton Series 7 brushes.


Kid Dreamer album cover

Here's some of my latest work for Kid Dreamer, a new California based punk band.  Some time ago they had me design their logo and they liked it so much they hit me up to design the album cover for their debut album "Growing".  The album is very much an examination into the heart wrenching, gut turning, undefined slow-motion quality of breaking up, so I figured the best way to describe that would be the distance that grows between people who sleep in the same bed.  The bed sheet design explores some of the unsettling turmoil that drives the wedge between these two people.

Kid Dreamer's 'Growing' is available on the iTunes store.

Kid Dreamer's 'Growing' is available on the iTunes store.


Got to thinking about mental health disorders.  Depression affects A LOT of people (350 million), and the treatments for it are crude at best.  To put this in perspective, cancers of all stripes affect about 35 million people.  Apparently funding for depression related treatments is really low.  How come?

Then I realized at least one reason is that despondent people are 'controlled' in the sense that they're not going to go off and start revolutions and take down regimes.  They're a sector of the population who's behavior is predictably self-destructive and they won't be inspiring dissent against their crooked leaders anytime soon.

So I was inspired to draw this "call to action" style illustration for all of us who battle with despondency.

They Like You Despondent.