I constructed this illustration on July 24th 2006.  Three years ago today I was thinking about sailboats - well, as far as their metaphorical and emotional properties were concerned...not actual boats.  Today my significant other is just closing on an actual sailboat that we plan to move onto in the next 6 to 8 months.  There may be ocean voyages in the future, if we can build up enough nerve.  But certainly it will be an adventure...even if it simply sits at the dock.  

Consider the serendipities:

1) My mother's life goal was to sail around the world on a sailboat.  They had money saved up and everything but at the last moment had my brother instead and spent the money on a house.  Why the opportunity falls into my lap, I really couldn't say...

2) As a child living in London, I thought that having a life on a houseboat would be the absolute coolest thing on earth.  Our family even looked at houseboats to purchase, but that never materialized because we couldn't find one that would clear my dad's height.

3) I have a recurring nightmare that shows up a few nights a year (mostly when I'm feeling stressed) involving watching a huuuuggge wave building power and towering over me in eerie silence.  I'm standing helplessly behind a flimsy sliding glass door, waiting for whatever is inevitably next.  I never get to find out if the glass door holds the water out or if it shatters through into my small room.  

So, it looks like I will be presented with plenty of opportunities to get over my apprihension of the deep blue.

pink sculptures

This strange interpretive illustration is loosely based on a dream a friend of mine sent me.  We've been talking about collaborating for awhile now, and she just recently she sent me a little something to riff off of for a drawing.

She dreamt of creating small pink sculptures with rounded edges made out of bizarre tropical fruit.  As the dream went on she came to protect a very small kitten - smaller than usual - shielding it from the cold icy outdoors.  These two parts came together in my mind and made me think about how everything on earth that is born all start out looking alien but very similar.  Everything is translucent and squishy and fragile - kittens, humans, tadpoles, tropical fruit. 

IF: Wrinkles

This week's Illustration Friday word is "wrinkles", and it happens to fit:

I dreamt of a school after college and past graduate school that I was attending.  The purpose of this school was not to become talented or proficient in a sought after artistic style.  The focus of the school was to become more child-like!  My final thesis was a large piece of wrinkled paper tacked up haphazardly to a wall in a large gymnasium.  On the paper I had drawn swoops of birds egg blue lines with crayons and had placed strings of red yarn strewn from the tacks.  It was my grand culmination after semesters of be free and un-restricted.

I know it is ironic that I chose to represent the child-like thesis through this realistic painting style.  In general I think it is hard for artists to continue to move forward with one's work when you've got something that's safe and tried and true.  Its a bit of a message for me to be more adventurous.  Clearly I've got some ways to go still!


An image from a dream. This bottle was absolutely transcendant! I had the distinct impression that this liquid had light eminating from within it, and that the user would have to posess similar qualities to benefit from this stuff. In other words, *if you've got won't need this, if you need it...the elixir won't work.

Does that make sense?

dreaming of dresses

Lately I have been having a lot of dreams involving dresses. Wearing them, seeing them and taking note of them in my dreams. I seem to wake up often with some airy, unusual dress in my mind.
And so it started a series. Though I began just drawing dresses than any normal woman might wear, they progressively became more wild.