Forest Series

I've been doing these ink on watercolor paper forest images lately. They're not revolutionary or anything, mostly therapeutic exercises that temporarily block out the slurry of crazy that is the human condition.  I've created a gallery for them here.


Got to thinking about mental health disorders.  Depression affects A LOT of people (350 million), and the treatments for it are crude at best.  To put this in perspective, cancers of all stripes affect about 35 million people.  Apparently funding for depression related treatments is really low.  How come?

Then I realized at least one reason is that despondent people are 'controlled' in the sense that they're not going to go off and start revolutions and take down regimes.  They're a sector of the population who's behavior is predictably self-destructive and they won't be inspiring dissent against their crooked leaders anytime soon.

So I was inspired to draw this "call to action" style illustration for all of us who battle with despondency.

They Like You Despondent.

Forgive me...

...if I'm not excited about Earth Day.  It's not that I don't like to recycle or plant trees - I'm on board for all manner of waste-reducing and earth-saving measures.  But I can't help but see the irony in getting stoked about environmentalism one day a year when most of us ignore the issue during the other 364.

Illustration Friday: Wrapped

So I've noticed that wise men and women seem to harp on the idea that you have to embrace your fears in order to dissolve them.  This image is what always comes to mind for me: wrapping one's arms around the slimy, spiky, clammy unpleasantness that is the unknown.


we told us so

Thinking a lot lately about wasted life and how many of us wait with baited breath our entire lives for something good to happen to us.  Or worse... spend it all living through the people we don't even know on TV, or medicate ourselves to the point where we might as well be dead.  The unhappiness is palpable, and I feel like throwing it against the wall and making it shatter like a ceramic lamp.

Humans are Messed Up

A quick drawing whipped up tonight. I was thinking about how so many of us have various mental blocks, preconceived notions and made-up constructs that gum up the works and prevent us from seeing ourselves and the world clearly without bias.


What's that thing called...the crazy little hallway that the plane pulls up to and allows you to get on without having to experience the outdoors? The raised accordian pipe that injects humans into a waiting fueled-up aeroplane? Well, anyway, whatever that thing is called, I saw this image in. Right before stepping onto a plane bound back to Philadelphia I saw that the control console that allows an airport employee to correctly align the plane to the hallway was there for me to marvel at.  It had a self help book purched on top next to the window "The Courage To Change", and those two things seen together set off something in my brain that made me smile. It was a nice juxtaposition - that one could feel out of control...while being in control...maybe not knowing you're in control...of your life or your accordian-style hallway.  It made me think about how blind a lot of us are of the presence of our own power.

So Green

When people say you're green, its meant as a kind of insult. Though they're trying to say you're naiive or inexperienced, I can't help but see it as a good thing. Being green does mean you don't know every little thing...but it also means your opinions aren't hardened, you're not cynical or jaded. One who is 'green' can see the vast possibilities since they don't know what to expect. Endevors are new and fresh and, like early spring.

The challenge then is to be green even when you know it all.