Someone gave me a large collection of old matchbook covers, they all look like they're from the 50s and 60s and bring to mind an era where getting the word out to consumers meant fitting a ton of information on a matchbook.  I like the 'pretty widow' matchbook because that sort of humor probably wouldn't fly today at all.  

Strange how when you collect one thing, people want to give you other random things to collect.  My sugar packet collection acts that way.  It's like a magnet for other random collectible items.  People save me pepper, salt and other random condiments... I've even inherited a napkin collection of all things.  Some of them are so old, the paper is brittle.


lost and found

This is a photo I found on the sidewalk, blowing around on a Philadelphia street.  I taped it into one of my sketchbooks.  Seems like such a perfect family vacation portrait.  Proud dad with a camera, smiling mom and yet mysteriously covered over child.  I imagine that child is fully grown by now, living in a world that seems so much more cynical now.  Maybe that's just my wistful impression.

Hamster Wheel

Found this old postcard someplace (I mirrored it upside down).  The back simply reads "Circus Vargas, Under the World's Largest Big Top".  I'm not sure what year this is from, but judging by the white high-tops and the quality of the postcard, I would guess somewhere in the late 70's to early 80's.  I like the intense concentration on the guys face, and his mid-air poise.  The image also makes me think of the metaphorical hamster wheel many of us must dutifully operate every day when we go to work.

sewing thread

So I picked up some buttons today at the dollar store for a friend of mine who is quite crafty. I liked the variety of colors in the package, and I knew she would too. But this evening when I got home, I realized I had unwittingly purchased a genuine treasure! Check out the packaging...notice anything wierd?I guess most people might not find this amusing, but I quite enjoy this gross oversight of product labeling!!!