My son is OBSESSED with sharks.  No, obsession is a mild way to put it.  From the first words out of his mouth in the morning, to his conversational choices at night, you can bet it will involve sharks.  His almost 4 year old self can name a wide variety of sharks by sight - often better than I can - and relishes a new shark book (which I now ravenously collect) for bedtime and anytime reading. 

His two rivaling favorite sharks are the Great White Shark (of course) and the Whale Shark.  So I had to re-paint the walls in his room which previously featured a pond scene complete with frogs, lilypads, lotuses and fish to accommodate his new preferred subject.

These murals were done with eggshell finish interior house paint with acrylic paint mixed in for the smaller detail work.  The small boy heartily approved!


This is a remix of a painting on board and this incarnation has a little more mixed media and playfulness with the color palette.  I call it "Peachy Vista" and it is actually one of a series - the "Dark Coast" mirror image will be posted here soon.

this year's accumulations

I recently tacked up a kind of 2012 retrospective in my art studio. Its a sampling of what I've made for group shows and some recreational art produced this year.  It was nice seeing a lot of works up together, helping to remind me what I need to keep doing what what I should leave behind.  We're expecting a new member of our family in December, so as I wind down my projects in preparation for a few months off, I've been renewing/cleaning/organizing my studio.  The hope is that when I come back next spring, the space will be enticing and ready for new projects, inspiration and clarity.  


Life, Unplugged

I did this illustration for Philadelphia's Grid Magazine on the fly last week for their back page article.  The concept is about a family finding one night a week to completely disconnect from their cell phones, video games, computers and texts in exchange for an uninterrupted dinner with each other followed by games, and music, etc.

This is actually one of the simpler concepts I gave the art director and I worked up the finish that day in a matter of a few hours using gouache on watercolor paper to start with and pen and ink lines for the family.  Brought the whole thing into the computer to play with the color saturation and clarity, and voila!

To read the article that accompanies this illustration click here and flip to the last page of the issue.


25th birthday

Its Kimberton Whole Foods 25th anniversary and as such I designed a celebratory poster, banners, in-store signage and online pieces to make this campaign obvious to anyone who came in contact with Kimberton Whole Foods.  The imagery was splashed across print ads and purchased banners online, and hopefully its distinctive enough to make people notice that it's not just another hollow clipart-populated marketing campaign!  

I think originally produced campaigns go a long way with people, since clipart seems to have a distinct distancing effect.  At least in my eyes, you look at an ad campaign and you can tell that the marketing department just half-heartedly chose photos from an image house, paid the $100 - 500 and moved on.  And it shows.  Upon first glance you can usually tell its a lazy effort, plus customers know this photo was probably taken somewhere faraway for a different purpose altogether.  Too clean, too generic, too distant - and definitely not worth the savings that using stock imagery can offer.  In other words HIRE AN ILLUSTRATOR! ;)


Summer projects

I'm a little behind, but here's what I've been working on in the past few months:

In late june I started designing a poster, banners and a play program for a Shakespeare in the Park event in Kimberton, PA.  The play, As You Like It is one of Shakespeare's more whimsical pieces so I used it as an excuse to do a 'pretty' scroll image with a more distressed feel.  The image was also printed on t-shirts and on high quality archival paper for those who wanted a nicer version to hang up.


But most recently I've been occupied with the 25th anniversary of Kimberton Whole Foods, for which I'm creating another poster series for (the third so far this year!)  The artwork and design created for it is also being printed up as in-store boards, outside banners and window posters for their birthday BBQ event on September 17th, but I'll have to wait to post that image until the printed pieces have hit the stores!  It was a lot of fun - a great, free-form set of painted sunflowers, perfect for an end-of-the-summer event.

Also at the end of September and into early October I'll be sharing my contribution to a book project that will be published around that time.  I'll post information about the accompanying show opening when the date gets closer!  Stay tuned...

water waste

I finished this illustration up for Grid Magazine late last month and has just appeared in their July edition which just hit the streets.  I did this one in a couple of separate parts so that the editor could move the elements around the page as he saw fit.  If you'd like to take a look at the rest of the mag, click here!

Without farmers we'd be...

I recently designed this poster in several formats for Kimberton Whole Foods stores.  Though most people view Valentine's day in a romantic light, we thought our unsung heroes -  the local farmers - should get some love.  This poster was printed in 36x48 size for the store windows, and is also around in banner format, store information boards outlining the various ways people can help to support local, and on the Kimberton Whole Foods website. 

Created with found objects (wood), oils and typography.

fresh work

These are a few illustrations I recently did for Lilipoh Magazine's summer issue.

This one is for an article all about the author's love of summer farmers markets.  I had a lot of fun action-painting rows and rows of tomato renderings until I got ones I liked - with the right amount of looseness.  I was trying to achieve some 'drool' factor, since the author gushed over juicy tomatoes.


This one is for an article called The Power of Premonition.  I got this assignment last-minute to fill a space for the designer, so I had to work fast.  The article was, lets say, hard to pin down as the subject matter isn't exactly physical.  The concept of premonitions is so tricky to interpret I was kind of stumped for awhile until I started thinking of premonitions as waves of invisible information that you can only perceive if you're tuned in.  So I started working with this idea and came up with several ways of creating those 'frequencies' with painting and ink.