Small Talk Show

Just dropped of my piece for an upcoming group show at the LMNL Gallery in Philadelphia.  Come on out this coming Friday, July 3rd at 6 PM to see 15 artists' takes on small talk they've heard around them in bars, shops, on the streets and out their car windows.  

My inspiration came from an unlikely place - the interactions between Amish folk and "modern" passers by that come to buy Amish souvenirs and gawk at the people dressed in last-century garb.  Come on down to see the final product!

Update 7/8/15: Now that the show is up, here's the piece I submitted and a photo montage of all the kids that participated!

Jetpack by Kirsten Harper
"Small Talk" show opening at the LMNL Gallery. 7/2015

this year's accumulations

I recently tacked up a kind of 2012 retrospective in my art studio. Its a sampling of what I've made for group shows and some recreational art produced this year.  It was nice seeing a lot of works up together, helping to remind me what I need to keep doing what what I should leave behind.  We're expecting a new member of our family in December, so as I wind down my projects in preparation for a few months off, I've been renewing/cleaning/organizing my studio.  The hope is that when I come back next spring, the space will be enticing and ready for new projects, inspiration and clarity.  


Forgotten Gods

For those of you in the Philadelphia area, I highly recommend coming out to tomorrow evening's reception for the group show "Mythology and the Forgotten Gods" happening at Phantom Hand Gallery at 6th and South Street in Philly.

I have two pieces in the show, both screen printed pieces with water color worked into them, and I know several other artists who's work for this show will be stellar.  


Check out my process for one of my submissions below!

Firstly I work up my dip-pen and ink lines

 Then it gets scanned in and cleaned up in Photoshop, taking time to arrange the composition the way I like it.

I get prints on clear acetate made so it can be burned into a silk screen

After the screen has been burned and washed out

Finished piece on watercolor paper with minimal washes applied.


The show will be running from Friday, March 23rd 2012 (opening reception from 6 - 10 PM) until April 23rd (at least).  Other great work from local Philadelphia cartoonists, painters and illustrators are currently on display at Phantom Hand as well.  And almost everything is on sale at really reasonable prices.

See you there!


all about vices

If you're in the Northern Liberties section of Philly tomorrow night, Saturday March 3rd, you'd be missing out if you didn't come to "Everything in Excess" at Masthead Print Studio featuring screen prints from a plethora of Philly artists.  If you've got bare walls, this is the place to pick up a piece for that spot at the end of the hallway that looks so bare.  I've got two freshly screened pieces in this one - at reasonable prices framed, so bring your spending cash!


Double Booked!

I'll be dropping off work to two different group shows this week, and both will opening next Friday night, January 27th.  Come out to both, they're on the same street!  I'll be going between 2020 South Street and 6th and South for the show receptions, so you may see me at either one.... or at each one simultaneously?

First we have Paradigm Gallery featuring Uarts alumni interpretations of confidence in "Confidence Is Not a Four Letter Word".  Lots of interesting solutions to be poured over with many mediums represented. Reception begins at 6 and continues on until 10 PM.

Then drop by Phantom Hand at 604 South Street for "Artificial Dissemination: Propaganda to Popoganda" featuring screen-printed designs from a rag-tag army of Philly's finest cartoonists, artists and all around creative types.  Reception from 6 - 10 PM as well.

See you there!



Dead and Dreaming upcoming reception

If you're in the Philadelphia area next Friday, September 30th you should come out for the Dead and Dreaming group show reception!  I've got my own interpretation of 'Celephais', H.P. Lovecraft's haunting tale of a man losing grips with reality. 

Reception will be at Paradigm Gallery at 2020 South Street and the meet and greets will be taking place between 6 - 10 PM.  The works will be up until October 21st.

You can also purchase your own copy of the Dead and Dreaming book, comprised of each artist's work plus sketches and bios!  Click here to get one of these rare specimines!


*** October 21st UPDATE ***

Great news!  My framed piece in the show sold! :)

Drop by tonight, October 21st, for the show closing if you missed the opening reception!  And it'll be a last chance to check out these great H.P. Lovecraft renditions in person!


Artificial Dissemination: Dissent on Paper

If you're in Philly tomorrow, Saturday July 9th, drop by Masthead Print Studio for a group show I'm part of!  Artificial Dissemination: Dissent on Paper is a great Propoganda theme that a few college friends of mine and I hatched in 2009 - and it's finally come to fruition!  I came up with the 'artificial dissemination' name, and they went with it.  The show postcard was illustrated and designed by the very talented James Heimer.

Here's the digital version I created with separations to make the screenprint.  Stay tuned for an image of the screenprinted version a little later!  This image was also published with an article in the summer 2011 edition of Lilipoh Magazine.


A Nation of Evil Men

If you're in the Philly area tomorrow evening, 2/5/11, come out to Masthead Print Studio to the opening of a group show I'll be part of!  Over 30 artists submitted 8x10's of a villanous villain of their choice...  Reception from 6 - 10 PM.

I turned in a rendition of $cientology's founder, and one of Elizabeth Bathory.  The image on the left is a 2 color screenprint with watercolor added in, the other one is collage with china marker and watercolor.

You can read a little about the show hanging here.