bookstore weekend

I drove down last Thursday in my toaster to visit my brother in Richmond, Va.  I spent all day Friday and Saturday up on a ladder listening to NPR while painting various titles up onto the walls of his used bookstore ( The Book Room ).  It was fun....but you don't realize how tiring it is to spend a whole day balancing on ladders and holding your arms in strange configurations for long periods!  All in all, I was quite pleased to get 8 titles up onto the walls in 2 days...  I was sad I wasn't able to do more flying books or other fun kids stuff in the 'kids corner'.  Because of time constraints, I was forced to do what was most economical and fast.  Now I am back home to my normal hamster wheel routine!  : )  Below are a sampling of some of my favorites.  Note: The first 'Mystery and Suspense' image below was the first title I painted up onto my brother's bookstore walls...but then his store got moved.  The second 'Mystery' title was the subsequent painting job.