My son is OBSESSED with sharks.  No, obsession is a mild way to put it.  From the first words out of his mouth in the morning, to his conversational choices at night, you can bet it will involve sharks.  His almost 4 year old self can name a wide variety of sharks by sight - often better than I can - and relishes a new shark book (which I now ravenously collect) for bedtime and anytime reading. 

His two rivaling favorite sharks are the Great White Shark (of course) and the Whale Shark.  So I had to re-paint the walls in his room which previously featured a pond scene complete with frogs, lilypads, lotuses and fish to accommodate his new preferred subject.

These murals were done with eggshell finish interior house paint with acrylic paint mixed in for the smaller detail work.  The small boy heartily approved!